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Trying to Conceive with the Fertility Awareness Method


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The Female Cycle & Scientifically Why FAM Works

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How to Observe, Chart and Interpret Your Fertility Signs

Beyond FAM

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Don’t waste anymore time.

The first step in any journey to conceive is to learn the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). With FAM, a woman can know exactly when she is fertile simply by charting changes in her cervical fluid and basal body temperature patterns.

It not only helps you better time intercourse, but it also gives you incredible insight as to what is going on with your hormonal health and fertility.

If you are trying for a baby, you could be totally missing your fertile window, leading to disappointment and heartache month after month. While most doctors leave you on your own to try for a year, FAM gives you tons of data about your cycle and hormones in less than six months.

What to learn?

FAM not only helps you better time intercourse, it can also tell you if your estrogen and progesterone levels are in the healthy range, if you are suffering from early miscarriages, or how your thyroid levels are doing. In this course you will receive practical lifestyle, diet and alternative health recommendations to boost your fertility, and with FAM, you can track if they are helping or not! FAM also lets you know if you need to seek additional support after only 6 months, rather than waiting a whole year, helping save you from unnecessary heartache month after month.


  • A certain book and a basal thermometer are recommended for this course (cost ~ $30). Links provided in the course.


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Hana is originally from California, and is currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands with her Husband and son. She successfully practiced the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for seven years to avoid pregnancy naturally, and in 2019 used FAM to help her get

Material Includes

  • A bonus one-hour video call with Hana to review your charts and answer your questions.