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Stillness & Sensuality


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14 Lessons



1. Deepening awareness

2. Inner healing

3. Connecting with your body

4. Worthiness & belonging

5. Accessing inner wisdom

6. Opening the senses

7. Sensual and creative energy

8. Understanding power

9. Authentic voice

10. Relational communication

11. Energy cycles for creative living

12. Value based self-expression

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This is a guided journey through emotional clearing, sensual rooting and freedom of expression that will leave you deeply grounded in your personal power, connected to your intuition, your sensuality and your energy cycles. You’ll know how to access your inner well of stillness, how to hold empowering boundaries, how to nurture your creativity, and how to tap into courage to express yourself fully.

By the end of this 12-week course, you will have a greater awareness of who you are, how you function at a subtle level and how to show up in your life connected to your personal power, values and visions. You will have explored the power of connecting to self and body and have acquired tools that you can continuously use to experience a whole and centered way of being, leading to a life full of pleasure, freedom and possibilities.

This is for you if you want:

✓ Tools to help you step fully into your personal power
✓ To feel light, bold, free, inspired and wildly alive
✓ To embrace your body, your sensuality and your pleasure
✓ To experience belonging and a deeper self-compassion
✓ To access your power and your authentic voice
✓ Boundaries that serve you and your relationships
✓ To understand purpose and live intuitively
✓ To live a whole new level of self-expression

What to learn?

You will have a clear map for how to: ✓ Enhance your awareness ✓ Work with emotions ✓ Listen to your intuition ✓ Connect to your body and senses ✓ Cultivate self-love and a sense of belonging ✓ Explore your sensuality and feminine power ✓ Call on the erotic creative life force ✓ Balance being with doing ✓ Get in touch with your own voice ✓ Set boundaries and speak your truth ✓ Harness the feminine energy cycle ✓ Express yourself creatively and authentically


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Stephanie Lisa Kelly is a facilitator of sacred spaces engaged in emergent culture building through ceremony, collective presence and voice. Weaving together a blend of contemporary and ancestral spiritual practices she facilitates experiences that foster our subtle sensing capacities, self-revelations