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Menstrual Cycle Wellness


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Welcome to the course. Here is what to expect.

Understanding your Nervous System

Science of the Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle Awareness – the inner seasons

The Inner Seasons

Self-Care Reflection Sheet

Soothing exercises in the face of pain or anxiety

Tracking the menstrual cycle

Womb meditation

Diet and Hormones

Resource Guide

Free consultations


In this course, learn exactly what is happening in your body with your hormones every month, understand the science of the menstrual cycle and how best to look after yourself around the cycle. This course is ideal for anyone struggling with period pain, PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, anxiety, mood swings, low energy and other difficulties around the cycle. It is also for anyone wanting to live more in flow with their cycle and connect to their feminine wisdom and intuition through the body. Lisa will bring you on a healing journey from her years of experience with Menstrual Cycle Awareness, embodiment practices and pain psychology.

What to learn?

Tools for period pain relief Prevent PMS and pain Live more in synch with your cycle Reduce anxiety Improve mood, motivation and creativity

Target Audience

  • People with pain, PMS, mental health difficulties or other challenges around their menstrual cycle. Also anyone wanting to connect more deeply with the cyclical nature for a life with more flow, ease and freedom.


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Lisa de Jong is a wellbeing and mental health coach specialising in the menstrual cycle, chronic pain, somatic mental health and nervous system regulation. She helps people to feel better in their bodies and improve other areas of their lives

Material Includes

  • Videos, exercises, worksheets