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Avoid Pregnancy Naturally with the Fertility Awareness Method


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The Female Cycle & Scientifically Why FAM Works

Learn the what, why and how of the Fertility Awareness Method - the advantages, effectiveness rate, and the anatomy of the female cycle that you never learned in school.
Video 1

How to Observe, Chart and Interpret Your Fertility Signs

Beyond FAM

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You can have natural and effective birth control!

Learn the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) through Hana’s Avoid Pregnancy Naturally video course.

FAM is not the outdated Rhythm Method/Calendar Method, or your grandma’s generation’s birth control. There is so much more science, research, understanding and technology to support FAM as a tried and tested natural birth control alternative to the pill/injection/IUD/implant etc.

The fact of the matter is, women are only fertile for about six days per cycle. With FAM, a woman can know exactly when she is fertile simply by charting changes in her cervical fluid and basal body temperature patterns. She can then use protection or abstain during her fertile phase to avoid pregnancy naturally.

In three 45 minute videos, we cover everything you need to know to use FAM to avoid pregnancy.

What to learn?

  •  Video 1: The female cycle & scientifically why FAM works
  •  Video 2: How to observe, chart and interpret your fertility signs
  •  Video 3: Beyond FAM: overcoming fears and anxieties, helping your partner get on board, what to expect when coming off of hormonal contraceptives, and practical lifestyle and nutrition advice for healthy hormones.


  • A certain book and a basal thermometer are recommended for this course (cost ~ $30). Links provided in the course.

Target Audience

  •  You experience unwanted side effects (low sex drive, mood swings, migraines, depression) from your birth control and are looking for a natural and effective alternative.
  •  You don’t want to pump your body full of synthetic hormones.
  •  You want to understand how FAM works to decide if it is the best option for you.
  •  You have read posts or articles about the method but are confused, and want a clear and straightforward way to learn.
  •  You want help getting your partner on board.
  •  You want to try for a baby in the future, and want to get off hormonal birth control to prepare your body, but still want to avoid pregnancy until you’re ready.


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Hana is originally from California, and is currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands with her Husband and son. She successfully practiced the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for seven years to avoid pregnancy naturally, and in 2019 used FAM to help her get

Material Includes

  • A free one-hour video call with Hana to review your charts, answer your questions and make sure you have full confidence in using FAM as your birth control method.